Centre of Excellence



The AO CoE offers recognised expertise and experience in air operations for the benefit of the Alliance.
To this end, the CoE aims to :

  • Become NATO’s premier venue for sharing experience and expertise in the fields of air operations with personnel ranging from those new to operations to senior officials.
  • Provide NATO entities with air operations training based on critical thinking and realistic simulation to create highly effective learning experiences;
  • Develop concepts including new technologies in air operations and experiment and test new C2 systems;


Our Centre of Excellence is located in Lyon, France, and our main mission is to provide expertise in the field of Air Command and Control (Air C2).

Education & training

Also a national entity belonging to the French Air Defence and Air Operations Command (CDAOA), the CASPOA AO COE prepares military personnel to Air Operations Command and Control.

“While I have just arrived and taken charge of the Air Operations CoE, CASPOA, in the midst of a global pandemic, I have observed the excellence provided by this unit and its personnel for many years.

I know that we support political end states with joint military effects by leading and evolving to understand and dominate in Air Operations (AO), which truly encompasses a vast domain. I have watched and truly understand the continuing excellence of this accomplished, professional Centre and its peerless cadre as they have faced multiple NATO challenges: day-to-day maintenance of Air C2 courses, development of Air C2 systems, analysis of lessons from recent air operations, support of Joint Air Power doctrine development and visions of the future in multi-domain ops and AI integration. No matter how COVID-19 and future challenges shape the world, the Air Operations CoE will continue using its robust, eclectic Programme of Work, 20+-years of organisational experience and deep operational background to support NATO and its partners.

Now and into the future, technically and operationally, we will provide premier capabilities across the Air Operations domain.”


Air Operations CoE

Air Operations CoE provides NATO with primary tactical training and expertise in the Air Operations domain, covering the full-spectrum of Air C2 warfighters who control the battlespace now, and will shape the future of Air Operations.



Educate and train NCS and NFS personnel on NATO Air Operations doctrine.


Collect and analyse lessons learned from NATO, Alliance nations and partner operations and exercises in the field of Air C2 and air operations, in order to improve Alliance doctrine and procedures, in close cooperation with the JALLC and JAPCC.


Contribute to the development of concepts on the future of air operations, integrating innovative technologies and new processes and contribute also to the testing and development of new NATO Air C2 systems and the development of new technology-based tools in support of Alliance transformation.


Lead and/or oversee the development of training solutions as the Allied Command Transformation Air C2 Systems Department Head (DH)