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JFAC Courses

JFAC Operations Course (former Q1)

  • objective
Facilitate the integration of officers within an air C2. Educate and qualify officers who will have to implement the tasking and conduct chain of air operations.



JFAC Planning Course (former Q2)

  • objective
Instruct and qualify the officers liable to work in functional cells of the air ops planning and tasking chain.
Comply with the current NATO Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD), or French joint doctrine (DIA 5b) when the course participants come from non-NATO accredited nations.




IAMD course

  • objective
Qualify officers and senior non-commissioned officers  responsible for the IAMD mission in a JFAC.



JFAC Leadership Seminar (former Q3)

  • objective
Advise the officers liable to take the  highest positions in the air C2 structure.