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Our courses

Currently CASPOA offers 15 education and training courses to French and foreign military personnel from all services.

Hereafter the various training courses offered :

  • JFAC OC: JFAC Operations Course, former Q1 (refer to JFAC Courses).
  • JFAC PC: JFAC Planning Course, former Q2 (refer to JFAC Courses). The officers, who passed the entrance examination, follow this course before entering the Joint Staff College.
  • JFAC LS: JFAC Leadership Seminar, former Q3 (refer to JFAC Courses).
  • SPACE courses about the space manoeuvre (refer to SAOC).
  • Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense TBMD, only for French Air Force officers (refer to SAOC).
  • Non-NATO course about planning and conduct of operations in C2 Ground Based Air Defence GBAD (refer to SAOC).
  • Land Forces Course LFC, for French Army only (refer to SAOC).
  • 4 types of training courses dedicated to NATO and non-NATO nations equipped with ICC, on air operations specific planning tool integrated Command & Control ICC (refer to AOSC).

please note CASPOA is now offering an ICC Database Manager course (named IDC)

  • Time Sensitive Target TST training course (refer to SAOC).
  • Personnel Recovery PR training course for personnel likely to hold positions within the PR cell of a JFACC (refer to SAOC).
  • Practical training course dedicated to NATO & PfP nations equipped with JTS planning tool (refer to AOSC).
  • CASPOA also provides Higher Education students and young English teachers who work in Linguistic Centres on national Air Force Bases, with basic air operations education, namely the ETC course.
    This kind of course will be delivered to Air Force legal advisors as well and will be titled IOA in French. It is meant to be an initiation to air operations. It will be composed of a two-day common syllabus followed by one day about operational terminology dedicated to English Teachers and one day about legal aspects dedicated to LEGAD.


These courses are mainly delivered in the English language, whatever the attendees’ nationality. However, some specific courses are addressed in the French language when the audience includes only French personnel.

As regards foreign military attendees, following points are to be taken into account:
Owing to the classification of some courses support documents, including the equipment used for practical parts, trainees are split into NATO and Non-NATO (RI) nations. When reference documentation is NATO, releasable to PfP, which is the case for Q2 courses, PfP personnel can attend a NATO course, depending on the level of expertise of their country in terms of Air C2.

Therefore, in order to best adapt courses to the audience, attendees Identity (nationality, rank, position and trade, career background) are to be sent as soon as possible in the PAF (Personal Administration Form) sent back in response to the Registration Request Form filled by the trainee.


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