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Useful information



Students are to bring their security clearance certificate as required for the course they will attend.


        The Air Force Base 942 « Capitaine Jean Robert » is located on “Monts d’Or” heights,

about 15 km North of Lyon. Historically the Air Base was built to welcome a Control and Reporting Centre, and as such is remote from most public transports.



31TFL 38759 79680 - 45.856106 N, 4.787524 E – N 45° 51‘ 06“ E 004° 47‘ 12“

Google Maps address: 949-1045 Chemin du Robiat, 69250 Poleymieux-au-Mont-d'Or



a.     On Lyon Mont Verdun Air Force Base 942

Lodgings are available to both French and foreign military trainees, and visitors.

Billetting office opening hours


Monday to Thursday            07:00 – 12:40 & 14:00 – 16:30

Friday                          07:00 – 14:00

Room prices

Single room

15,00 €

Collective room

06,00 €


Booking email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

plus copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Washing machines are available to students in some buildings.

To date there’s no access to internet in rooms.


        b.     Outside Lyon Mont Verdun Air Force Base 942

Trainees who drive to Lyon can choose amongst a wide-range of hotels both in Lyon and the outskirts.

  Local hotel near the « ligne spéciale » shuttle stop:


La Caborne - Limonest                               +  


▪ Hotels near Dardilly shuttle stop:

Ibis Budget – Dardilly                                  + 

Hotel Formule1 – Dardilly                           +  

Hotel Ibis Lyon Nord – Dardilly                  + 

Camping Indigo – Dardilly                          +   

▪ Hotel near Vaise « ligne spéciale » shuttle:


Parks & Suites Lyon 9 – Vaise                   +  


        C.     At the “cercle mixte Lyon” – Bellecour (Lyon centre)

Within walking distance of Perrache railway station is an Officers’ club (cercle mixte Lyon) that hosts both French and foreign military at affordable price. A parking lot is available to visitors. Moreover, Place Bellecour, Lyon centre, is only within 1.2 km distance.


Quartier Général Frère - 22 avenue Leclerc - 69007 Lyon

Tel: + - Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

               Officers’ club in Lyon  

Single room/night

52.88 €

Meals (except for Sunday breakfast)

12.83 €


  1.75 €

Sunday lunch

19.00 €


4.     At the Mess on the AFB 942







Foreign Military students





Badges for mess access may be credited by credit cards, or cash.

There is no cash dispenser or ATM on the AFB 942.

b.         Opening hours

Monday to Thursday

07:15 - 07:45

11:00 – 13:00

18:00 – 19:45


At weekends

08:00 – 08:45

11:00 – 12:30

18:00 – 19:30

5.     ACCESS TO THE AFB 942

        a.     by car


b.     by plane

20km East from Lyon Centre, there is an international airport, LYON Saint Exupery (LYS). Every day Rhonexpress tramways are run from this airport to Lyon Part Dieu railway station, city centre and back.  Tickets may be bought on line: or from a vending machine on the platform.

For further information on shuttles time schedule, go to website: et


c.         by train

Lyon City has numerous railway stations of which the following are the main ones:

-        Gare de Part-Dieu: main railway for North-South and East axis (Paris – Marseille- Grenoble – Chambéry).

-        Gare de Perrache: secondary station from which inter-city trains leave for West and South-West (Nantes – St Etienne).

Nearest railway stations to the Air Force Base are located at Saint Germain au Mont d’Or where Lyon-Dijon intercity trains stop and at Albigny Neuville when Lyon-Roanne intercity train stop.

Under certain conditions and depending on military shuttles availability, trainees may be fetch from or taken to these stations during working hours.

d.         Weekly military shuttle

On the eve of courses and on students’ request, a military shuttle is available at around 20:30 at Lyon Perrache railway station (accessible by subway or tram from Part-Dieu railway station).

Requests, including course reference to attend and personal cellular phone number are to be emailed at least 8 days prior to course beginning to CASPOA’s student office:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

e.         Taxi companies and VTC or transport vehicles with drivers.

On the Internet you can find taxi companies based in Lyon. Please be aware that there are no taxi companies located in the vicinity of the Air Force Base and since some taxi drivers do not take clients to the AFB, it is advisable to call for VTC service.


f.          Public transport


Outside working hours (see tab here after), the Air Force Base is not accessible via public transport. Nearest bus stops are in Limonest and Poleymieux au Mont d’Or towns and the Air Force Base is within kilometres walking distance on a steep slope.

Daily shuttle to and from the Air Force Base 942

Students accommodated downtown may take the commercial bus SYTRAL. Tickets (either bus or subway) are available on the bus or from a vending machine (book of 10 tickets = 15.90).

The SYTRAL shuttle leaves Vaise bus station on left platform when exiting the subway. Time schedule is as follows:


Monday to Friday morning

Vaise station Line 4 « ligne spéciale » direction AFB 942


Champagne Centre – 384


Dardilly Parc des Tuileries (fast food QUICK)


Limonest Centre - 1794


Mont-Verdun Air Force Base 942 gate



Monday to Friday evening


Mo Tu We-Thu


Mont-Verdun AFB 942 gates



Limonest Centre



Dardilly, shopping mall



Champagne Centre



Vaise railway station




Ticket price: 2€ on the bus and 1.80€ from a vending machine

Tickets are valid on overall TCL lines (subway, tram and bus) for about an hour.

For further information, go on the internet website:



Once arrived at the AFB 942 gate, go to the pass and permit office (CSB in French) and tell them you are a CASPOA course attendee. There, in exchange for an ID card or passport you will be delivered a pass (temporary if requested outside working hours), a room key and a vehicle pass if needed.

CASPOA Student Office will be waiting for you on the day course starts for in-processing. Do not forget your security clearance certificate.


No military uniform is the dress code policy outside the Air Force Base.

The CASPOA is a NATO class I area. Therefore, any electronic devices such as laptops, tabs, cellular phones and recording devices of any types are forbidden. Mobile phones are to be left in dedicated phone boxes.

Moreover, for reinforced security measures, each time you leave the AFB, whatever the reason, you are to leave you pass and ask for a new one when you return.


a.         Internet

Trainees who require Internet access are to tell the course director on their arrival at CASPOA. Access to the stations located at CASPOA’s open space will be granted to them with dedicated loggin and password.

b.         Sports

The Lyon Mont Verdun Air Force Base 942 is equipped with a swimming pool and a fitness facility.

Students who wish to practise some sports are to comply with the AFB current rules and regulations relating to sports practice and are to be covered by an individual assurance policy for any damage their could undergo while practising sports, whether during working hours or outside.